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That is the core of our philosophy (hence the name, RevitaLending). Since 2007, we have worked hard to provide real estate investors with fast and flexible revitalization loans. As hard money lenders, we work closely with rehabbers and developers. We help them transform older properties into modernized, elegant livable spaces. Using our funding, investors are able to purchase and renovate properties in the DC Metro area.   


We see things from an investor’s perspective. Our underwriting team has successfully completed hundreds of real estate projects (from rehabs, condo conversions to ground up construction). We’ve seen a lot, done a lot, and learned a lot. Use our wealth of knowledge to your advantage. We will help you avoid the common mistakes we see investors make every day.

Professional and Dedicated

We strive to make your experience a pleasurable and profitable one.  We treat all our clients with courtesy and respect.  No matter what size the loan amount is (from our minimum to our maximum), we treat every file with the attention it deserves.  Your success is our success.

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