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Short-term Bridge Loans

As private lenders, we are flexible and make quick decisions.  Our underwriting is catered towards fast approvals (within 24 hours) and fast closings (within days).  We provide funding for purchase only transactions and cash out refinancing.  Our loans are simple and straightforward (the way hard money is supposed to be).  For commercial deals, click here.

  • Term: 12 Months

  • LTVUp to 80% of purchase price | Up to 65% of as-is value for cash out refinance 

  • Minimum Credit Score: None

  • Closing: Typically within a week (if title work is clean)

  • Documentation: Valid ID | Proof of funds to close (bank statement, etc.) | LLC or Inc docs | Proof of insurance | Payoff statement, if refinance

  • Lending Territory: DC Metropolitan area (DC, MD, VA).  Other states case-by-case

  • Properties: 1 to 4 Units, single family (for commercial deals, click here)

  • Appraisal: Not required

  • Source of Funds: In-house, balance sheet

Please note terms are subject to change

Hard Money Bridge Loans Explained

A hard money bridge loan is a short term loan secured by real estate. Typically, borrowers need a hard money bridge loan because they need to close fast and are unable to wait for a conventional lender to finance the loan.  Sometimes, the borrower does not qualify for a bank loan due to credit/ income (or) the property does not qualify because it is not adequately stabilized.  These temporary loans act as a  bridge between the current situation and long term financing that is is eventually obtained.  Contact us if you have any questions or if you have a loan scenario you would like to discuss.  

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