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Joint Venture Partnerships

If you need a partner, we can help.  With the right opportunity, we can come in with cash, rehab crews and/or project management (whatever the transaction needs).  We can joint venture with real estate investors, wholesalers, realtors or property owners.  Properties must be located inside the Capital Beltway (DC, MD and VA).


Our JV program can benefit:

  1. INVESTORS, WHOLESALERS, or REALTORS with great deals but limited capital or limited time

  2. HEIRS who have inherited properties but don't have any real estate experience

  3. PROPERTY OWNERS with distressed properties who can't afford repairs

  4. REHABBERS whose projects are stalled and need to get moving again


For the JV program, we prefer private deals that are unlisted (not on MLS).  Also, please do not send in deals from wholesale distribution lists.  Thank you.

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