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Joint Venture Partnerships

You bring the deal, we bring the funds
We do all the work
We share in the profit when property sells



Our partnership program is a great option for:

  • Investors, wholesalers, or realtors with great deals but limited resources

  • Heirs who have inherited property and not sure which direction to go

  • Owners of distressed investment properties who can't afford renovations 

  • Rehabbers whose projects are stalled


What we can do 

  Provide capital for your project (up to 100%)

•  Manage project from beginning to end

•  Free up your time to pursue other projects  

We can partner with you on
Fix and Flip Projects

DC Condo Conversions

Development Projects 


Creative Solutions

Fast Closings (within days if rush is needed)

Experienced Team


Most Common Joint Venture Scenarios


“I’ve got a great deal under contract but I’ve got too many other projects going on.” (or) “I’m getting a really good deal on this house but don’t have enough cash to close on it.”

Solution: We provide funds for purchase, we make repairs, and we’ll share the profit once property is sold. You may not have to amend contract or assign to us.  Call us for details.

“I own this property but it’s in terrible shape. I keep paying taxes and fines and I don’t have the money to fix it.” (or) “I’m about to lose my property in a tax sale because I can’t afford to pay the lien.”

Solution: We can potentially pay off the mortgage, pay the back taxes or liens, finance all the repairs, and put the property up for sale. Once sold, we share the proceeds. On occasion, we may hear, “But I want to keep the property.”  No problem. We can set up a grace period that allows you enough time to refinance and pay us off. Remember: property will be renovated. Therefore, getting financing will be a lot easier.

“I own a vacant lot but don’t have the money to build anything right now.” (or) “I’ve been trying to sell my land for a while but I keep getting real low offers.” (or) “I own land but don’t know anything about construction.”

Solution: We evaluate land for highest and best use and put up the money for construction (and pre-construction expenses, if applicable). We’ll hire the surveyors, appraisers, architects and builders. We’ll take on the headaches of dealing with city inspectors, zoning boards and obtaining permits. Bottom line: we’ll get the project built and divide the profit between us once it is sold.

“I own a multi-unit building and would like to convert the units to condos.”

Solution: We can evaluate feasibility (zoning, market trends, etc.), obtain condo docs, supply the funds for construction, use our professional crews to handle the work, and when units sell, we divvy up proceeds.

“I bought a property to fix up but ran out of money before I could finish repairs.” (or) “I can’t complete my project and now face foreclosure because I can’t pay the bank.”

Solution: We can step in and provide money to continue the project and manage it until completion (we can even make loan current and service it monthly under the right circumstances). We all partake in the profit once it is sold. Want to keep property? We’ll give you time to refinance and pay us off.

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